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UI Elements (rwpf.Input)

IPv4 Field


property.png IP IPAddress Associated IP
property.png NetmaskOnly bool If true, User can only enter/paste valid Subnetmasks. NOTICE: Non-Subnetmask IPs can still be bound yet
property.png FirstOctett byte aka Class A byte
property.png SecondOctett byte aka Class B byte
property.png ThirdOctett byte aka Class C byte
property.png FourthOctett byte aka Host byte

Good to know:
  • consists of 4 TextBoxes with 3 Dots (TextBlock) in between
  • Supports Copy/Paste: Ctrl+C copies the whole IP, Ctrl+V pastes an IP across all 4 Textboxes
  • You can bind to IP or the individual Octetts or both (the control will enforce the coherence between the Octetts and the IP Properties)



A ProgressBar with the ability to set the Value in the UI. Has a Minimum and Maximum-Button and can display the Value inside the Control. Inherits RangeBase.

property.png DisplayMinButton bool true Shows/Hides the Set-Minimum-Button
property.png DisplayMaxButton bool true Shows/Hides the Set-Maximum-Button
property.png IsReadOnly bool false
property.png TickAmount double 100
property.png IsSnapToTickEnabled bool false
property.png DisplayPreview bool true Enables/Disables the MouseOver-Effect progressslider2.png
property.png PreviewForeground Brush Brushes.Orange Bar-Brush of Preview
property.png PreviewOpacity double 0.75
property.png MinimumButtonGeometry Geometry Icon-Geometry
property.png MaximumButtonGeometry Geometry Icon-Geometry
property.png ValueConverter IMultiValueConverter PercentageConverter Converter used to display Value. If null, Value is shown

Good to know:
  • currently there's no support for vertical Orientation or display of Ticks
  • The control should apply any Theme like default controls
  • The Preview should work with a stylus as well

ValueConverters (rwpf.Converters)

Name Description ConverterParameter ConvertBack
BoolToCursorConverter Useful for clickable TextBlocks. Default: Hand System.Windows.Input.Cursor object no
ByteToStringConverter Converts a single byte to a String - yes
InverseBooleanConverter Flips a boolean - yes
IsNullConverter Converts null to true - no
IsNotNullConverter Converts null to false - no
IsNotNullToVisibilityConverter Returns Visible if not null, Collapsed or CommandParameter else System.Windows.Visibity Flag no

TypeConverters (rwpf.TypeConverters)

IPAddressConverter Enabled XAML-Parsing of IPAddress objects

Helpers (rwpf.Helpers)


Helper-class with attached properties for ToggleButton-based controls.

property.png OriginalValue bool?

When set to true or false any missmatch with IsChecked will set FontWeight to bold to indicate a change of the property. Works with CheckBox, RadioButton and ToggleButton. Example:

<CheckBox IsChecked="{Binding UseGPU}" Content="Use GPU Acceleration" r:ToggleHelper.OriginalValue="{Binding UseGPU, Mode=OneTime}" /> 

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